Saturday, February 19, 2011

100% Free :)

This weekend has been filled with freebies here in the Patterson house! EVERYTHING you see in the picture above was free. I paid the tax on the items, but these items being on sale and then combined with my coupons made it all free! So I know you are did you do that!? Let me explain....

This picture is a little blurry so I will break down exactly what we got and how!

*16 tubes of Colgate toothpaste ~ This week they are on sale for $.98 at Kroger and I had paper coupons from 2/13 Smart Source insert for "Save $.50 on 1" which Kroger will double to $1.00. This coupon combined with the sale price made all 16 of these...FREE!

*20 packages of Airheads ~ Kroger has these for $.79 and I had paper coupons from 2/6 Smart Source insert for "Save $.50 on 1." Kroger doubled my coupons (of which I had 20 of) and it made these all FREE!

*1 Tide Stain Release ~ Kroger's sale on this was $5.99 and I had a paper coupon from 1/30 P&G insert for "Save $3.00 on 1." I combined this coupon with the $3.00 off eCoupon on my Kroger card making this item FREE!

*6 Colgate Wisps ~ As you came in the door at Kroger these items were in a bin and were on sale for $.98 each. I had coupons from the 2/6 Smart Source for "Save $.50 on 1" and this coupon was doubled making these items FREE!

*7 Boxes of Gain Fabric Sheets ~ The Dollar General sells the 60 count boxes for $2.75 and I had coupons from the 2/13 Red Plum insert that allowed me to save $3.00 on 1. With these coupons the DG paid me $.25 each to take these home FREE!

*3 bottles of Palmolive Dish Soap ~ Dollar General sells these bottles for $1.00 each and I had 3 coupons (not sure where these came from....I think they were mailed to me) for $1.00 off of 1 bottle making all of these..FREE!

*4 packs of Better than Ears dog treats ~ At the Dollar General you can purchase a pack of 4 for only $2.00 each. I had 4 coupons from the 2/13 Smart Source insert that allowed me to save $1.00 on each package. This means that I paid $4.00 on these items, but I also had a coupon from the DG that allowed me to save $5.00 when I spent $25. I was able to save $5.00 making all 4 of these FREE with $1.00 to spare!

*4 bottles of Sunny D ~ Caeden loves this stuff and the Dollar General sells the small bottles for $1.00 each! I had coupons for $.25 off each 1 (again...not sure where I got these!) making them $.75 each! With the extra $1.00 left over from the dog treats and the money the DG paid me to take home the Gain fabric sheets these were absolutely FREE!

*12 candy bars (Milky Way and 3 Musketeers) ~ I stumbled across these when I was at Food Lion this week! They had Milky Way and 3 Musketeers buy one get one free. I remembered that I had a coupon that allowed me to buy 2 and get 1 free so with this coupon (from 2/6 Red Plum) I was able to buy 1 and get 2 free! I had lots of coupons for this deal and I was able to get 12 candy bars absolutely FREE!

*2 trial sizes of Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste ~ Wal-Mart has the trial sizes of this toothpaste for $.97 and if you go to you can print a coupon for $1.00 off any Aquafresh Extreme Clean. Since trial sizes are not excluded so I got both of these for FREE!

*I also must mention that I got 8 rolls of Mentos for free as well...but they aren't in my picture. The Dollar General had these for $.50 a roll and I had a coupon from 2/6 Smart Source insert for $.50 off 1 roll making all 8 of these FREE!

I hope that you all are starting to see how easy it is to get items absolutely free! I need 20 packs of Airheads or 12 candy bars...NO!! When I can get items for free I go ahead and get them, even if it is not something I may need or will use. Chad and I donate a lot of our items to our church (Southside Christian) and their Agape House. The candy will be used for the clients I work with, Caeden's birthday party this summer, or even parades that we will participate in during the summer. Always, always, ALWAYS clip all of your coupons even if you don't think it is something you will use. When you can get items for free and can bless someone else with is worth your time!

Please remember to check back often as I am trying my best to post all the deals and steals that I am finding. I will always tell you exactly which deals I am cashing in on and how you can do the same! If you ever have a question feel free to leave it below and I will do my best to answer it! Coming soon...Kroger deals for 2/20-2/26 :)

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