Saturday, February 5, 2011

If It's free....its for me :)

Clipping coupons at my house is family affair! Chad does all the "scissoring" (as Caeden calls it!) while I go to work on organizing them in our Coupon Keeper. We clip EVERY coupon that comes out way, even if it is not something we think we may use. Why you ask? Well that brings us to tonight's discussion on coupons that will get you items for free or will make you money. We all like free stuff and though it may not be a product I will necessarily use, I get anything that is free and pass on this blessing to others!

Last week while Chad and I were on our weekly shopping trip to Kroger, we came across an item that was a sure fire money maker! During Kroger's "Buy 10, Save $5.00" sale they had Glide Floss on sale for $1.00. As I dug through my coupons I was able to locate a paper coupon for "Save $1.00 on Glide" and also had an electronic coupon for "Save $.75 off Glide." I will admit that we weren't on the lookout for dental floss, but due to the fact that it was going to make me $.75 I grabbed it! In this case I was able to get the floss absolutely free and deduct an additional $.75 from my grocery bill! This was a win win situation for me!

Also during our shopping trip we ran across Reach Flossers that were on sale for $1.00. As I looked through my coupon book I had several coupons for "Save $1.00 on Reach Flossers" and "Buy 3 Reach Flosssers, Save $3.00!" Since my coupons made these products freebies..I got all of them I could. Now do we need 10 Reach Flossers? No probably not, but I certainly plan to donate most of them to my church! The thing I love about getting items for free or extremely cheap is that it allows me to stock up on items that I can turn around and give to someone who may need that item. Since tax season is upon us you may also know that any charitable donations are tax deductible! I now save all of my Kroger receipts and as I donate items to my church, I highlight the item on the receipt and stick them in my tax file. The awesome thing about using coupons is that I am able to write off the amount that rings up on my receipt. If I donate 8 of the 10 flossers, then I can report that I donated $8.00 in products from that receipt!

As you can tell we are ALWAYS on the lookout for freebies! Just this week I posted a link to a coupon that allowed you to get free bags of Butterfinger Snackerz! If you haven't already...go and print 2 of these from each computer you have access to. Who can pass up free bags of candy? Not me and to be honest...they were yummy! In the days to come I will be posting more links to coupons that will allow you to get items absolutely free so be on the look out for those. I will also be posting the best deals at Kroger for the week as well. So my challenge to you is clip coupons that you know you may not use and always be on the lookout for freebies and money makers. If it's's for me :)

I found another freebie to pass along! Print this coupon 2 times from each computer and it will double to $1.00 at Kroger. Kroger frequently puts Hamburger Helper on sale for $1.00 a box so hold on to this one until that sale hits and you can stock up on it...for free!

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