Sunday, February 20, 2011

Which paper should I buy today?

Every week I get asked the same question by many of you..."Which paper has the best coupons?" Well I have decided that each week I will be doing a blog entry bright and early on Sunday morning to tell you which paper here in Kentucky has the best coupons! Here is what I have for you today:

The Danville Advocate Messenger has no coupons in their paper today! I'm not sure why, but I checked 2 different papers on the news stand and there were no coupons. I even called my mom (bright and early) and asked her if her paper had coupons in it because she is a weekly subscriber. She also found no coupons in her paper so I think it is safe to say that purchasing the Advocate this week just for the not a good idea!

The Lexington Herald Leader did have coupons in their paper...but they were limited! This week's edition included a Red Plum insert with coupon that included:
6 coupons for McDonald's that allowed you to buy one item get one free
Save $1.00 on Sprayway Glass Cleaner
Save $1.00 on any Sundown Vitamin
Save $1.00 on Air Wick Scented Oil twin refill pack or 2 single refills
Free Air Wick Warmer when you buy air wick scented oil refill fragrance
Save $3.00 on Air Wick Freshmatic Compact Odor Detect Starter Kit
Save $1.00 on an Air Wick Candle

*There may have been more...I am going off memory for what was in there!*

The last paper I checked out was the Courier Journal and there were more coupons in this Red Plum insert than in the insert from the Herald Leader. These coupons included:
The same McDonald's Coupons that were in the Herald Leader
Save $2.00 on any Dial Nutriskin Lotion
Save $2.00 on any Kibbles and Bits
Save $.60 on any Bertolli Pasta Sauce
Save $1.00 on any 2 Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
Save $1.00 on 2 Beggin' Strips
Save $2.00 on L'oreal Magic Perfecting Base
Save $1.00 on L'oreal Studio Line Styling Product
Save $1.00 on L'oreal Vive Pro Shampoo
Save $.75 on L'oreal Kids Shampoo
Save $3.00 on L'oreal Youth Code Product
Save $1.00 on L'oreal Skincare product
Save $2.00 on L'oreal haircolor product
Save $5.00 on any 2 L'oreal haircolor products
Save $1.00 on any Robitussin 4 oz or larger
Save $1.00 when you buy 2 Raisinets stand up bags
Save $.50 when you buy 2 boxes of Raisinets
Save $.50 on any 2 Pop Secret Products
Save $1.00 on any 1 Emerald Breakfast on the Go Product (7.5 oz or larger)
Buy one get one free Whiskas tray
Save $1.50 on any 1 bag of Whiskas dry food for cats
Save $1.00 on Sprayway Glass Cleaner
Save $1.00 on any Sundown Vitamins

We personally purchased the Louisville Courier Journal this week due to the larger number of coupons...but always be sure to evaluate which insert is better for you and your family! I have no shame when it comes to these papers and I will pull out the coupons from each paper and compare them to make sure I am getting the best deal for my money. The Herald Leader is $2.00 per paper while the Courier Journal is $1.75 per paper. Examine the coupons and then decide where your money will better be spent this week :)

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