Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are Samples Worth Your Time?

If you have been around this site or my Facebook page long you will know that I LOVE samples! I devote an entire day (FREEBIE Friday) to celebrating great samples and freebies! Many of you may be asking...what is the point in requesting a bunch of samples? Well let me assure you that everything you see in the picture above is a sample! Every bit of this comes from sites that I have went to or Facebook contests that I have joined to request a sample. In this picture you will find free coffee packs, detergent, stain tablets, 2 sticks of deodorant, body wash, coffee creamer, a coffee to go cup, an exercise band, 2 cook books, vitamins, a protein bar, 3 perfume/cologne samples, a netti pot, a dental flosser, heart burn medicine, breathe right strips, a coupon for a free yogurt cup, a coupon for a free lighter, and various other money saving coupons! These are all the samples that I have saved up (minus the Cheez-It samples that were devoured!) for about a month. If you have ever doubted how great samples are then here is your proof! When you request samples there are 3 great benefits:

1. You get to try an item FREE before you purchase it
2. Often times the company will send a great money saving coupon along with the sample to help you save when you purchase this item.
3. The company now has your name and address in their data base and they know that you are interested in their product! They are more likely to send you coupons, promotions, and samples if you have expressed an interest in their products!

I have to admit to you that going to the mailbox is now exciting! Just today I received deodorant, and 2 perfume samples! It is a good day when I get more FREEBIES than bills! If you haven't started requesting the samples that are shared on this blog and Facebook...start today!!

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