Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let Birthday Season Begin!!

April is here and so is "Birthday Season!" It seems like every child that we know has a spring/summer birthday and we are always on the hunt for a great gift. If you are like us then it is really nice to have a stock of gifts waiting for you to choose from for one of these weekend parties. Thank goodness we now have GREAT coupons for Hasbro toys available that we can use to snag a great gift at a very low price. Here are a few ways that you can use these coupons to get a gift at a low price:

*Last night at Wal-Mart I found U-Build it Sorry in the clearance aisle for $5.00. With this coupon you can get this game for only $2.00
*Wal-Mart also has Buzz Lightyear Operation on sale for $5.00. Use this coupon and get it for only $2.00

*Wal-Mart has Candy Land (and maybe Chutes and Ladders) on sale for only $5.00. With this coupon you can get it for only $3.00!

*In the picture above you will see the Iron Man 2 Arch Light. These sell for $3.50 and with this coupon you can get them for only $.50! It attaches to your child's shirt and it lights up and makes noise.
*In the clearance aisle there was an Iron Man 2 costume on sale for $11.00. Use this coupon and you could get a great play outfit for only $8.00

*Chad and I looked at these at Wal-Mart last night and I think the price was $13.00 for this item. Caeden is not into Iron Man yet so we didn't purchase this item, but for $8.00 it might make a great gift for an older child!

*Wal-Mart sells the 24 packs of Play-Doh for only $10.00. We used this coupon to get a great gift pack for only $7.00!

*All of these items sell for $15.00 so you can get a great toy for $10.00! Chad and I will be purchasing one of these for our niece or nephew that will be here in September!! This will make a great Christmas gift for our already very spoiled FIRST niece or nephew :)

*Wal-Mart sells the Blythe Doll with Pet for $10.00 (we couldn't find the scooter). Use this coupon and you can make a little girl very happy for only $5.00

*Wal-Mart has the Mini Doll in Purse for only $6.84 so when you use this coupon you can get it for under $4.00!

*Thanks to Lezlie for sharing this GREAT deal! Toys R Us has this toy on sale for only $3.99!! When you use your coupon you can get a great toy for only $1.99!

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