Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FREEBIES and Coupons courtesy of YOU ;)

I say this all the time but I truly mean it...I am SO blessed by this blog and my Facebook page. If you haven't joined the Classy Coupon Clipper Facebook page you are missing out! I came home from work this afternoon and my wall was FULL of Freebies, coupons, and grocery shopping stories that will make you want to cheer. I love it and so since these ladies have shared their finds with me...I am going to take the liberty to share them with you :)

I LOVE this first Freebie! It comes courtesy of Lisa and it is a FREE Grilled Cheese Tostabag. I requested mine and I cannot wait to try this! It is a bag that you can make a grilled cheese sandwich with in your TOASTER! The bag helps to evenly toast the sandwich and it keeps your toaster clean of all that melted cheese. What a great idea! Request yours here by completing the form and submitting a recipe. Sample will be sent in 4-6 weeks :)

This next FREEBIE comes courtesy of the Classy Coupon Clipper Cousin (thanks Jenn for the new name!) Danielle! If you haven't already go here and request your FREE sample of Shout Color Catcher. Complete the form and expect your sample to arrive in about 6 weeks :)

The Classy Coupon Clipper Cousin was on a roll this morning..but that's okay she found some great stuff! Right now if you "like" Eucerin on Facebook you can request a FREE sample! Go here and you can fill out the order form for a sample of Eucerin Everyday Protection. I got mine so grab yours now before they run out!

That Coupon Clipping Cousin of mine is at it again! Right now if you "like" O'Charley's on Facebook and go to their Welcome page you can print a coupon for a FREE appetizer! Go here and like them and get your FREE appetizer today :)

Danielle was on a roll this morning (see why I love her so much?)! She found a great coupon and this time it is for Uncle Matt's Organic Orange Juice. Go here and you can fill out a form for a "Save $1.00 on Homestyle Lemonade" by Uncle Matt's! You can expect to get your coupon within 2 weeks.

Here is another great coupon that my High School Friend Carrie found for us! Right now if you go here you can print a "Save $1.00 on White Cloud 12 roll toilet paper." Wal-Mart frequently puts this item on sale so print this coupon and wait for a great deal to come along! Thanks Carrie!

Thanks to another high school buddy of mine Lezlie (Whoo hoo BCHS girls!) for sharing this one with us! Hasbro has LOTS of great coupons right now off of popular games and toys such Elefun, Candy Land, Sorry!, Iron Man, and MORE! Go here to print your coupons and hopefully you can score a great deal on all those Easter basket goodies!

Here is one more from my Classy Coupon Clipping Cousin! Go to the DiGiorno Facebook Page and "like" them and you can get a "Save $1.25 on 1" coupon! These pizzas are frequently on sale so print your coupon and wait for a GREAT price :)

Thank you all SOO much for sharing these great deals with us all! You all are the best :)

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