Friday, April 15, 2011


Ahh...I love the smell of FREEBIES on Friday morning! There are some good ones so I get your typing fingers ready and let's cash in on some GREAT samples and items this morning :)

Up first this morning is a FREE sample of Zeal. Zeal is a vitamin supplement that claims to "enrich, restore, and protect your body." This company is so confident in this product that they are offering FREE samples for you to try. To get yours go here and fill out the order form to try it today :)

Keeping with the drink theme here is a FREE sample of Jamun Tea! This is an all natural herbal tea that has many health benefits for those who drink it. Go here to request your FREE sample! Expect it to arrive within 7-10 business day. Thanks Lezlie :)

I really enjoy it when businesses get on board with FREEBIE FRIDAY! Today Arby's is offering a FREE order of curly fries! To qualify you will need to "like" Arby's on Facebook and you will be directed to print a coupon. This offer is only good today so have some fries with your lunch today! Thanks Coupon Clippin' Cousin for this one :)

This FREEBIE is a little different, but very useful! Right now you can get a FREE keychain light. Attorneys Greenstein and Milbauer are offering these keychain lights as a way to protect yourself when you are out at night. To get yours simply go here and fill out this form!

Here is another great FREEBIE from my good friend Lezlie! She found a FREE sample that is being offered by Leather CPR. If you go here and complete the form you can request a sample of Leather CPR Cleaner and Conditioner, Granite CPR Cleaner and Conditioner, OR Carpet CPR Spot and Stain Remover! This is a great FREEBIE so go and claim yours now :)

I was checking out this information for myself and actually ran across a FREEBIE! I am getting ready to mail out a whole box of expired coupons and saw where you can get a FREE Flat Rate Shipping Kit. Go here and fill out the form and your package will be sent within 7-10 business days :)

Here is another FREEBIE that you don't see all the time! Charmin is offering a FREE Toilet Paper extender for your bathrooms! The best part can choose how many you would like to be sent! Three is the maximum amount they allow for so go ahead and get 3 FREE toilet paper extenders from Charmin today! Simply fill out this order form and your extenders will arrive in a few weeks.

After a long week at work we will all need this FREEBIE! Sore No More is an all natural pain relieving gel and right now you can get a FREE sample. Go here and complete the order form and your sample will arrive just in time to help you relieve those aching muscles :)

Have you ever wondered if you have hard water? Well wonder no more! Morton Salt is offering a FREE hard water test strip for you to test your water with! Go here and complete the form and you will have your test strip within a few weeks :)

If you have ever had problems with skin chafing then here is a GREAT sample for you! Lanacane is offering a FREE sample of their Anti-Chafing Gel and all you have to do is answer a few quick questions. Go here and complete the survey and your sample will be on it's way in 4-6 weeks!

Here is one last FREEBIE for you on this Fabulous Friday! QuestBar is offering a FREE sample of their all natural protein bars! Go here and complete the order form and an email will be sent to you. Go to your email, complete the request, and your FREE sample will be on it's way :)

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