Friday, April 8, 2011

Sound the's FREEBIE FRIDAY!!!

Well another work week has come and gone and around here we like to celebrate!! FREEBIE Friday is our way of jump starting a great weekend and filling our mailbox or stock shelves with FREEBIES! If you have a dog then he/she will do a happy dance over this one! Rachael Ray has her own line of dog food and she is offering a FREE sample of her Nutrish dry dog food. To get your sample simply go to this link and click on the tab that says "Switch to Nutrish." You will fill out a form and then be asked if you would like to download a "Save $3.50 on 1" coupon or get a sample. If you choose the sample then once you hit submit..there will be a link to print a coupon as well!

Purex with Zout is offering their FREE samples once again! I signed up about a month ago and it let me sign up again so if you have requested a sample before...request another one! To get yours go to this link and fill out the brief order form. This sample is expected to arrive in about 12 weeks.
WHOO HOO! Now this is a sample to get excited about. Right now Hugo Boss is offering a sample of their *new* Boss Orange. The thing I LOVE about this one is that you can choose which fragrance you want to try: Boss Orange Women, Boss Orange Sunset, or Boss Orange Men! To get yours go here and complete the order form and your sample will be on the way!

WOW...does this picture make you hungry? Well this next sample literally has me drooling on my computer! Gimi Chocolate is offering FREE samples of their chocolate! Go here and fill out an order form for their chocolate and choose between: Dark Chocolate (75% cocoa), Dark Chocolate (90% cocoa), Milk Chocolate (50% cocoa), and Milk Chocolate with 4 nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashews, and pecans). Can you guess which one I picked?!

My word how do we recover after that one!? I'm gonna fail miserably so just be forewarned...up next Halo dog food! Right now if you go here and join the Halo email list you will receive 2 FREE cans of Spot's Stew. Once you enter your email and hit enter you will be taken to another page where you will fill in your information. After you complete all that you will be sent an email with a coupon for your FREE trial offer of Spot's Stew!

This next one is new to me, but it sounds like a great sample! Chicet is a line of European Skin Care products and right now they are offering a FREE sample! Go here and complete the order form and you will receive Redness Irritation Cleanser in the mail within 8-12 weeks!

Here's another new one to me! Australian Dream is a brand of pain relief and right now you can get TWO FREE samples! Go here and click the button that says "Get Free Samples." You will be asked to complete a short survey and then enter your mailing address. Once finished this sample is expected to arrive within 3-5 business THAT is customer service!

If you have teenagers in the home or if you are unfortunate like me and STILL have blemish outbreaks from time to time...then this sample is for you! Zapzyt is offering a FREE sample of their blemish cream! Go here and complete their form to request a sample of this product. If this is not something you can use then consider donating it to someone who can :)

With Mother's Day coming all of us ladies needs one of these! Right now you can go here and request a FREE ring sizer from James Allen! I know Chad will appreciate me telling him EXACTLY which size ring I wear for my Mother's Day gift (BAHAHAHA). Find out your ring size today and help out that dear hubby/boyfriend of yours as well :)

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