Friday, April 1, 2011

Coupon Alert Coupon Alert!

Today is April 1st and that means all printable coupon sites are re-loaded their coupons! If you have reached your print limit on some of your favorite coupons you can check today to see if the coupon is still being offered. If so...start your printers!!! There are also some exciting new coupons that start today! Let me share a few of these:

*NOTE* Kroger frequently puts these on sale for $1.00 and with this coupon you can score these great snacks for only $.30 a bag!!

*Note* This is another item that can be found for $1.00 on sale at Kroger. Hold this coupon and wait until the sale hits so you can stock up on mustard for only $.40 a bottle!

*This is for you Netter :)

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