Sunday, April 10, 2011

*Updated* Coupon Binder Organization Fees!

My fabulous cousin Danielle has been working her little heart out to help new couponers get their binders started and is loving this task! As most things in life are..this has been a learning experience! As Danielle has grown more busy organizing binders we both realized that we needed to set a few more guidelines for her pricing. If you have given her your binder already then this does not apply to you. The price changes will apply to all *new* customers :)

Coupon Binder Organization (organizing dividers and baseball card holders) ~ $5.00 fee

For each set of 50 coupons that you want organized in the binder ~ $5.00 per set (if you bring 100 coupons then the cost will be $10.00...$15.00 if you want the binder organized, etc.)

Clipping Coupons ~ $5.00
*NOTE* All binders, dividers, and baseball card holders will be provided by the customer*

Anyone wanting help with their binder can feel free to utilize any of these services! If your binder is organized and you just need help clipping coupons and organizing them...she can help you with that! If you want the whole book set up and organized..she can help! Danielle is here to help you get organized and be successful during all of your shopping trips! To contact her please find her on Facebook (Danielle Stevens) or email her at :)

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