Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Want to set up your own coupon class/in home party?

I get requests almost daily from churches or organizations who want to host their own FREE coupon class. My fabulous cousin Danielle has started teaching in home coupon classes as well so we thought...why not make a special post all about this and let you know how you can set up one of these events for your church, organization, or in your home! Here are the details for each:

FREE Coupon Class for your Church/Organization
Rebecca Patterson will provide a coupon class for your church or organization absolutely FREE! Classes generally last around an hour and a half and will be held at your church or location you provide. Here are a few details you need to know when hosting a class:

  • The church/organization will be asked to provide all materials to each guest. I have a coupon packet that I like to give each person that attends the class and it contains about 5 pages. Feel free to do single sheets or front and back sheets for these packets. Some churches have made folders with the information and will put the coupon info on one side and church info on the other. Other groups have simply stapled the packets together and passed them out to guests. This is totally up to the church/organization but in order to hold the class for free I do ask that you make the copies and prepare the packets for each guest.
  • My presentation requires a Power Point presentation so it is very helpful if your church/organization has a projector, screen, and computer set up. My presentation is loaded on a USB drive and can quickly be loaded from any computer or laptop. I am a loud speaker so a microphone is not necessary, but it is helpful :)
  • I leave it up to the church/organization on whether or not they wish to pre-register guests. Most find it helpful to know how many people are coming so that they can have enough packets prepared. The method that you choose is entirely up to you. Many groups use email, phone, or Facebook events to pre-register guests.
  • If your event is open to the public then I am always glad to advertise these classes on my blog, Facebook page, and WHBN 1420 am every Tuesday morning!
  • Many churches will offer a door prize for participants and this is totally up to the group!
  • Please realize that I am a full time employee, mommy, wife, and leader of a local political group! I stay very busy and while I enjoy these classes greatly...I do try to pace myself and not take on too much! If you are interested in scheduling a class you can email me at becca_shea@hotmail.com or message me on Facebook (Rebecca Kendall Patterson). I am happy to work with you on setting up a class in a timely manner :)
In Home Coupon Parties
My cousin and fellow Classy Coupon Clipper Danielle Stevens is offering an in-home coupon party to anyone who wants to host one! She has also taught several classes and feels very comfortable teaching in home classes. Here are the details for her parties:
  • Danielle does not charge a fee for her coupon parties, but she does accept donations to cover the costs of her packets, materials, and traveling expenses. Participants are not obligated to donate, but she appreciates any help she can get with covering the costs :)
  • Danielle will provide all materials for the class! All packets will include information on getting started with using coupons effectively.
  • Hosts are also asked to invite guests to bring coupons that they may not use or do not want. Danielle will hold a coupon swap right there in your home!
  • In order to serve you and your guests accordingly, Danielle will need to know how many people will attend your event no later than 3 days before the event.
  • You can expect to learn where to find coupons, how to get started with couponing, how to organize coupons, and more!
  • Danielle will make these events fun for anyone who attends and you can expect to have a great time while still learning the fundamentals of couponing!
  • The set up of the party is totally up to the host. Food, drinks, and snacks are totally acceptable, but are not required for these parties.
  • Guests can also enjoy a fun coupon game where one lucky winner will win a great prize!
  • For more information on setting up an in home coupon party please email Danielle at mommaoftwins2005@yahoo.com or message her on Facebook (Danielle Stevens). She is also a very busy lady so she will do her best to work with you on scheduling a great event that will accommodate both of your schedules :)

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