Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let the FREEBIES pour freely this FRIDAY!

After all this rain and bad weather I am ready for something different to pour down on me. Why not FREEBIES!? Welcome to FREEBIE Friday and all the fun that it holds. The first FREEBIE I have for you today will begin at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time today. Go ahead and "like" Frito Lay on Facebook and at 3:00 today be sure and log on to get 1 of 24,000 FREE bags of chips!

Are you a Dove person like me? Well if so then here is a GREAT FREEBIE!! Right now you can request a free sample of Dove Go Sleeveless deodorant. To request your sample go here and sign in or register as a Dove insider. Once you do you will be asked to answer a few questions and your sample will be on the way!

I posted this FREEBIE several weeks ago, but if you didn't request it back then the good news it is still available! If you did request this sample (like me) then they will not allow you to get another one :( Go here if you haven't already requested you FREE sample of Emergen-C and you can get yours now!

Here is a sweet (bahahaha...I crack myself up early in the morning!) FREEBIE for you this morning! SOOO Sweet Sweetener is offering FREE samples of their sugar substitute. Go here and complete the order form and your sugar sample will be on the way :)

Welcome to the pet corner of FREEBIE Friday where we are sure to make your pet a happy one! Right now you can request a FREE sample of BestBully Sticks for dogs! Go here and complete the order form to request one for your pooch today :)

You can also request a FREE sample of Nature's Select dog food today! Go here and you can request one of these flavors:
Chicken Rice and Lamb
Chicken and Rice with Glucosamine
Lamb and Rice
Wild Alaskan Salmon
Beef and Chicken with Sunflower and Salmon Oil
Hi Protein for Puppy
Ultra Light Senior

Make your puppy happy today with this great dog food sample!

Show the world that you love your dog with this FREE bumper sticker! Go here and complete the form and you can request one of these "Life's a dog" bumper stickers for your vehicle! Thanks Lezlie for sharing this one on my Facebook page :)

If you have a GNC Store near you then this FREEBIE is for you! Go here and print a coupon for a FREE Sample of Phenom Coconut Water at any GNC store! This offer ends May 15 so hurry and get yours soon!! Thanks Lezlie for sharing this one :)

Here is another GREAT freebie courtesy of Wal-Mart! Go here and complete the order form to request a FREE sample of John Frieda Root Awakenings! Allow up to 4 weeks to receive your sample in the mail.

Okay so if my checklist is correct we are all happy and our pets are now let's make all the men in our lives happy! Right now you can get a FREE tire tread depth gauge just by going here and filling out the order form. With all the wet and windy weather we have had lately we all should be concerned with the care of our tires. Worn out tires can lose their grip on the road causing dangerous driving conditions. Order your FREE tire tread gauge today and be safe all spring long :)

A special thanks to Kacey for posting this great FREEBIE on my Facebook page this week! Right now if you sign up for Arby's Extras you can get a FREE roast beef sandwich. Once you sign up you will get your FREE roast beef offer in your email within 24 hours :)

If you are like me then taking your vitamins is a job that is often forgotten. Vplenish is here to help! This product is a vitamin boost powder that you mix right into your drink and it will not change the flavor of your beverage. Go here and you can fill out an order form to request a FREE sample pack of this great sample!

Here is a great toothpaste sample from Arm&Hammer! Go here and complete the registration form and you can get a FREE sample of their Advance White toothpaste. Once you sign up log into your email (the one you listed on the registration form) and confirm the address and your product will be on the way!

Are you expecting or know someone who is? Well here is a FREE sample of Member's Mark formula. Simply fill out this order form, choose complete or gentle formula, and within 4-6 weeks your sample will be on the way! If you can not use this sample yourself then consider donating it to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center. They do wonderful work and are always looking for freebies to give to expecting mothers :)

All of us Classy Coupon Clippers LOVE Country Bob's and not so long ago they offered a giveaway right here on my blog! Well if you didn't win a bottle during that giveaway then never can still get one FREE!! Go here and you can fill out a form requesting a coupon for a FREE bottle of Country Bob's all purpose sauce. This stuff is fabulous :) A big thanks to Felicia and Connie for posting this on my Facebook page!

Okay so back to the checklist. Me...very happy (all you had to do was mention Arby's and I was happy!), Chad (over the moon with his tire tread checker), Brix and Lilo (drooling over those tasty dog treats), Caeden...uh oh! Never fear little ones my Facebook buddies Jaime and Lezlie have you covered! If your child loves Veggie Tales or Elmo then here is a FREEBIE for them! Go here and enter the code myveggie (for Veggie Tales) or myelmo (for Elmo) and you can download FIVE FREE personalized songs for your little ones! This is so cute and I know Caeden will be thrilled with these great FREEBIES!!

Here is one more FREEBIE to make sure your little one does not feel left out! Right now Munchkin is offering TWO free album downloads for kids! The first is "Musical Soup: Mozart Wombsong Collection" and the second is "Musical Soup: Mozart for Toddlers." Both of these complete albums are FREE so download them for your little one now :) A big thanks to Lezlie for posting this awesome freebie on my Facebook page :)

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