Thursday, March 31, 2011

Got a housing project? Print a coupon!

Oh my poor husband. We sold our house last summer and while we were very excited...we really didn't expect to sell it so fast! We built our first home and absolutely loved it. It was a small, quaint little home, but we were quickly outgrowing it. When the house sold we started making plans to build dream house #2. With plans to start building in our near future I am constantly on the look out for ways to save big while building a house. I tell people all the time "if there is a way to build a house while using coupons...I will find out how to do it!" Chad is a builder so he laughs at me when I question plumbers and electricians about coupons...but I have found one coupon that we will be using!! Lowe's is offering a coupon on their website that allows you to "Save $10.00 on a $50.00 purchase." This excites me because I see all sorts of possibilities for buying lighting, faucets, and switch plates using a COUPON! Who says you can't build a house using coupons!? Stay tuned all summer as our house building and coupon use continues. We WILL use coupons to build our new house! What project do you have that you can now complete thanks to Lowe's?

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