Friday, March 4, 2011

A Break from FREEBIE Friday for a word from Danielle!

My cousin Danielle is FABULOUS and I am so proud of how quickly she has picked up the whole couponing idea! She has a Food Lion store near her home and was able to find some great deals there this week. She agreed to let me share these with you and I know we all appreciate her doing some of the leg work for us :)

*Kelloggs cereal is on sale for $2.00 each and when you purchase 4 boxes you can get a FREE gallon of milk. She had a $1.00 off coupon for Raisin Bran so she was able to get 4 boxes for only $1.00 each AND get a free gallon of milk! Check your coupons and see how you can combine them with this sale to save big on cereal and score free milk!
*Hamburger Helper is on sale this week for $.88 a box (Kroger's sale is $.97). The 2/13 General Mills insert had a "Save $.75 on 3" coupon that would allow you to get 3 boxes for only $.63 each!
*Small packages of candy bars were "Buy One, Get One free" making them $.50 each compared to Kroger who sells them for $.88 each.
*Simply Juice Orange Juice is on sale for $2.99 a bottle! Use your "Save $1.00 on 1" from and you can get great OJ for $1.99. Danielle had a $1.00 off Food Lion eCoupon as well so she was able to get a great deal of only $.99 for this item! I can tell you from experience that most stores sell this for $3.00+ so when you can get it that's worth your time!

If you are a Food Lion shopper then you are in luck! Danielle has agreed to scout out these sales for us each week while she is shopping and pass them along to you! What a blessing she is to me and to so many others because of her generosity. THANKS DANIELLE :)

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