Saturday, March 19, 2011

FREE Sample!

Happy Saturday everyone! Why not start this beautiful day off with a FREEBIE!? I thought you would like that :) Okay right now you can get a FREE sample of Soy Joy bars by liking their Facebook Page. You will then be directed to the "Do You Dare" app and you will have to allow the app to download. From there you will see a screen that says "Do you Dare" and you will have to pick your dare. You can choose from:
Physical Dare
Foodie Dare
Social Dare
Big Brain Dare
Dare to Serve
Better Me Dare

Once you choose your dare you can write how you plan to challenge yourself with this dare and then hit submit. From there you will be directed to a box that says "Click Here" and you will go there to fill out a form for your free sample. After you complete the form it will direct you that you can expect to receive your sample in 6-8 weeks! With any luck you can get a great coupon on a future purchase!

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