Saturday, March 26, 2011

The cousins team up...our challenge to YOU!

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope you are enjoying this cold weekend we are having! I have been super busy with my women's club and family time this weekend, but wanted to check in with everyone. My cousin and I have been in cahoots (scary I know!) and we have come up with a challenge for all of my blog readers and Facebook friends. As you all know times are tough in our community right now and Danielle and I are so blessed in our lives that we want to give back to others. Couponing has awarded all of us this awesome opportunity to save BIG each week at the grocery and accumulate many items absolutely free. She and I are joining forces to create Operation Back Pack Snack Attack! Our plan? To challenge each and every one of you to donate 1 item that we can send to our school's Family Resource Centers for needy families. Many of us got FREE pasta last week and if you are like have 80+ boxes of pasta. Goodness knows I won't be eating that much pasta, but I got it all because it was FREE and I knew I could use it to give to others. If you feel so lead, would you consider donating 1 box of pasta or 1 can of pasta sauce? If we all join together we can put together spaghetti meals for many families!

If you would like to participate in Operation Back Pack Snack Attack would you leave a message on this post or post on my Facebook Page? I will be glad to set up a donation site if we need to. We will take any donation that you want to make so check your stockpile and let all of us Classy Coupon Clippers join together to make a BIG difference in this community :)

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