Saturday, March 12, 2011


Kroger will be having a March to Savings Mega Sale next week! When you purchase 10 of the participating items you will receive $5.00 off of your total purchase. Next week Creamette Pasta will be on sale for $.99, but when you purchase 10 participating items each box will only be $.50! Go here and print this coupon that will allow you to save $1.00 on 2 boxes which will make both boxes FREE!! Print 2 coupons from each computer and you can really stock up next week on FREE pasta!

Check back tomorrow as I will start going through the sales and matching them up with the coupons. You can expect shampoo as low as $.75, cereal for $.99, sports drinks for $.50, 2 liters for $.89, and tuna for $.49. It will be an exciting week at Kroger :)


  1. 03/13/2011 i was allowed to print off 2 coupons using 2 different e-mail address,s before it would not allow me to print anymore.

  2. Thanks for the tip Hope! If you have another computer you may be allowed to do that again!