Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Food Lion eCoupons!

I have to be totally honest with you all...I do not know everything! LOL! Last night while I was teaching my first coupon class my Aunt Cathy and Cousin Danielle educated me on all things Food Lion! While talking with them I learned that Food Lion now allows you to load electronic coupons right on to your MVP card. This excited me and I came home last night and started investigating this. I have had a MVP card from Food Lion for over 10 years now so I got online and tried to sign up for their eCoupons. What I found was that in order to use the card for electronic have to first call 1-877-297-2081 to register your card. I called them this afternoon and was informed that it would take 48 hours for my card to become active, but that after this time period I can go back online and sign up for the MVP eCoupons! Their website will allow you to look at the current eCoupons that are available and there are some good ones. They have some coupons that you can print, others you can load to your card, and some that you can print and load to your card! I do not shop at Food Lion much, but for any of you who do this will be a great way to save even more. If you are a Food Lion shopper then register your card by phone, go here to sign up online, and start saving big with eCoupons :)

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