Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Need help getting started couponing?

Are you just getting started with couponing? Does the organization and amount of coupons overwhelm you? Well if so then I have a solution for you! My cousin Danielle is a fellow classy coupon clipper and she does so well saving money and keeping all of her coupons organized. Since she is a stay-at-home mom to two gorgeous twins...she is offering a great deal for any of you who may need help getting started. Here is what she can offer you:

*Danielle is willing to take your binder, baseball card holders, dividers, and coupons and organize your binder for a small fee! This is a HUGE job and she is willing to offer her organization skills to anyone who may need help in this area. Here are the prices if you would like help getting everything organized:

Coupon Binder Organization (organizing dividers and baseball card holders) ~ $5.00 fee

For each set of 50 coupons that you want organized in the binder ~ $5.00 per set (if you bring 100 coupons then the cost will be $10.00...$15.00 if you want the binder organized, etc.)

Clipping Coupons ~ $5.00
*NOTE* All binders, dividers, and baseball card holders will be provided by the customer*

Anyone wanting help with their binder can feel free to utilize any of these services! If your binder is organized and you just need help clipping coupons and organizing them...she can help you with that! If you want the whole book set up and organized..she can help! Danielle is here to help you get organized and be successful during all of your shopping trips!

*She is also offering to do your shopping for you or go shopping with you to help you get started with couponing. If you want her to do your shopping you can give her your list and coupon binder and she will shop for you. You will then pay her 10% of whatever she is able to save you. For example if she saves you $100 then you will owe her $10! This will work the same way if you want her to assist you with your shopping. Whatever she is able to help you save...you can pay her 10% of the total savings.

This is a GREAT offer and Danielle can help you to save big, teach you to effectively shop with your coupons, and get you organized for your shopping trips. Danielle does a great job and I would trust her to do my own shopping...so I would gladly refer any of you to her! For help with your shopping you can find Danielle Stevens on Facebook or email her at mommaoftwins2005@yahoo.com

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