Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday FREEBIES Continue!

I found an unexpected FREEBIE tonight while I was in CVS getting some eye drops for my dear husband! Gain is on sale this week for only $.97 and many of you may have "Save $1.00 on any Gain detergent" making this not only FREE, but a $.3 money maker!! This coupon can be found in the P&G Ever Day Solutions booklet that was requested on Facebook several weeks ago. If you have these coupons then head to CVS for your FREE dish soap.

Oh and while you are there be sure and check out the CVS coupon kiosk that is located in the store. I scanned my CVS card today and got 2 great coupons: "Save 25% off my entire purchase" and "Save $4.00 on a $20 purchase." The 25% off coupon you can get expires on 3/16 so head to CVS before then, print your coupon, get your FREE gain, and apply your overages and 25% off to your other purchases! Here is what I was able to get tonight for only $8.00:

6 Bottles of Gain Dish Soap
1 Coke Classic (FREE with CVS Facebook coupon I printed last week) actually made me money because it was valued at $2 and my Coke was only $1.69
1 Gallon of Dean's Milk
1 Optive Drops ($11.99 and I only had a $1.00 off coupon)

I was excited to get all of this stuff for less than I would have paid for the eye drops! Exciting day :)

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