Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This weekend while I was at Wal-Mart I ran across some FREEBIES and money makers that I wanted to pass along to you! Many of you may have the coupon that you see in the picture above. It is a "Save $1.00 on ANY Pert Plus 2-in-1 product" coupon and the word ANY means that it can be used on trial sizes! Many times coupons will specifically say "trial size excluded," but this coupon does not say this. Wal-Mart sells the trial size Pert Plus 2-in-1 shampoo for only $.97 so with this coupon you can ear $.03 per coupon you have! This coupon expires on 3/31 so if you have these...hurry out and get your FREEBIES!

If you requested the P&G booklet recently from their website then you received this coupon for "Save $3.00 on ANY Secret Clinical Strength deodorant." Wal-Mart sells the trial size packages of Secret Clinical Strength for only $2.47 so with this coupon you will make $.53 per stick! If you use Secret deodorant then this coupon will be well spent on a full size stick when it goes on sale. Due to sensitive skin issues that I have, I have to use one particular brand of deodorant. I would much rather get a FREE stick of deodorant that I can donate then to let my coupon expire. If you don't use this brand of deodorant then you may want to check into this FREEBIE!

As I was browsing the trial size items at Wal-Mart I ran across the trial size Secret deodorants that were $.97. I had coupons in the P&G Everyday Solutions booklet (that were requested on Facebook about a month ago) that said "Save $1.00 on ANY Secret deodorant." Again I do not use Secret deodorant so I was able to earn $.03 for each trial size stick and will donate it to my church :)

The last FREEBIE I ran across was for the small bags of Millstone Coffee. Wal-Mart sells these bags for $1.64 and I had a coupon that said "Save $2.00 on 1 Millstone Coffee" so with this coupon I was able to earn $.36 per bag of coffee! This is another coupon that will expire on 3/31 so if you have it...get your FREEBIE soon :)


  1. Rebecca, I don't know how you keep up with all of this. Your blog is great and I've referred everyone I know. I thought I had been doing good by saving 50% for the last couple of years, but I can't even compare to you!!

  2. Aww...well thanks for your kind words Jessica! It is an odd little gift I have, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to share it with others! Thanks for spreading the word about my blog :)

  3. Do you shop at the Harrodsburg walmart for these or the Danville?Everytime I try to use a overage coupon they will not take them? any tips?

  4. Honestly Jamie..I shop at either one! My advice on this is to print out their coupon policy and take it with you! They DO allow overages so if they argue with you...show them their own policy! I will post a link for that for you :)

  5. About the wal mart policy thing, I keep a 3-ring folder with me that my coupons are seperated in. Anyway I also keep a copy of each store policy with me so if they dispute it I can show them. It really helps, and alot of the time they clerk will be more surprised by that fact than irritated for you pointing it out!